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About Swedish Candy BUBS

Swedes really love their candy. According to figures published by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the average Swede binges on 35 (!) pounds of candy each year. The most popular candy is the Pick-N-Mix candy

Most of the kinds of Swedish candies that are currently viral are all free of dyes and artificial flavors, using natural coloring and aromas instead; all of our BUBS Swedish Candy are vegan, using cornstarch instead of gelatin; and they're also gluten free. 

Swedes have a habit of eating their candy on Saturdays, the so called "Lördagsgodis", a phenomena invented in the late 50's in order to concentrate the candy eating to one day instead of snacking every day, to boost dental health.

At Steyda we offer you a tasty assortment of Swedish sweets with our BUBS Candy Assorted Mix! Imported from Sweden, this mix of sweet, sour, and licorice gummies offers authentic Swedish flavors in every bite. With 0.5 LB, 1 LB or 2.2 LB of premium candies, you'll explore the vibrant world of Swedish treats.

Features a variety of gummies, sour candies, and licorice, reflecting Swedish candy-making traditions. They are made in Sweden with top-notch ingredients and time-honored recipes, ensuring deliciousness in every bite. Includes fruit-flavored gummies, tangy sour treats, and complex licorice for diverse flavor experiences. Please note that some are big size and some are small size, all with delicious flavors. They are perfect for sharing or indulging! Ideal for gatherings or solo enjoyment. Offers a genuine taste of Sweden, transporting you to the heart of Scandinavian confectionery. As seen on Social Media: Order Your BUBS Candy Assorted Mix Today! Treat yourself to the finest Swedish candies with sweet, sour, and licorice delights. Straight from Sweden to your postbox! 

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