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About us

When the founder of Steyda, Hanna Lindqvist, moved back home to Sweden after many years abroad she was happy to find Swedish dishcloths in all the supermarkets. The Swedish dishcloths are staple goods in Swedish homes and something they just can't live without. However, Hanna was not that happy with the colours of the cloths as they come in very bright colours. 

"- Why spend lots of money on renovating your kitchen, and then hang up an ugly dishcloth that really gets in your eyes? says Hanna.

That is why she decided to develop stylish dishcloths that melts in to your kitchen.The Swedish dishcloths have superabsorbent powers, we promise that you will love them! That means less paper towels being used and you help save the planet. Not bad, right?

Something she also missed when living abroad was the delicious Swedish Pick-N-Mix candy, now famous all over the world thanks to Social Media. The swedes eat a staggering 35 pounds per year and person, so be careful, it sure is addictive :). 

Another great product Hanna wants to share with you is the newly invented flower twister Hanataba. Check out how that little gadget can help you create beautiful bouquets at home!

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